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When the storm comes, what will you hold on to?

Our lives are shaped by our connection to the sea. It flows through our memories and our history, with each turning tide a marker of the passing days, weeks and years.

Treasure is a fearless and physical contemporary dance work exploring our innate human fascination with our seas and coastlines. Through visceral, high-energy movement and intimate gestures, five dancers uncover fragments of a deeply-buried past, and confront an uncertain future shaped by climate change and pollution.

Treasure confronts uncomfortable truths of ecosystems on the brink of collapse, asking ‘what have we lost? And what is left to lose?’ This emotive work sets these urgent questions alongside a rush of explosive dance that celebrates the power and beauty of the seas.

“Beautiful and captivating choreography with such quality of movement and attention to detail. A stirring and lifting performance.”

“Amazing performance, wonderful music”

“Beautiful, powerful piece which was fabulous to witness – I hope you get this message to many more venues.”

Audience Feedback

Supported by Arts Council England and Bath Dance


15 March – Pavilions Teignmouth, Devon

23 March – Blue Elephant Theatre, Camberwell CANCELLED due to Covid-19

8 June – Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough CANCELLED due to Covid-19